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So What Is “Thanks To Alfie” All About?

What Is A Frontliner-Thanks To Alfie
What Is A Frontliner-Thanks To Alfie

As we all know we have endured some very difficult and scary times recently. I am of course referring to the worldwide coronavirus that has swept the world. This particular coronavirus is known as Covid-19.

What it is exactly can be best described on this page HERE.

This website is not about the virus itself, or about the devastation it has caused. No, this website is about the people who have stood strong and faced and fought this deadly virus.

I am of course talking about the frontline workers who, to a man and a woman, have heroically battled the virus on our behalf. And to those who have continued to provide us with the important goods and services we require so that we can live our lives as normal as possible.

Quite often the battle has been fought on uneven terms. So little information was known about the killer virus at the outset. To an extent our frontliners have often been fighting with one arm tied behind their back. Sometimes it has been even worse than that.

Did this deter them? No, not at all. Quite the opposite in fact. The odds against made our frontliners even more determined. No surprises there in fact, as determination is in our frontliners nature. It is part of their DNA.

Debt Of Gratitude

We owe such a debt of gratitude to each and every one of them. Not only now, today. But for the rest of our days. Let’s be clear, they have put their own lives on the line so that they could save ours. There’s no two ways about that. How can you put a price on that? You can’t is the simple answer.

Many of us will know some of our local frontliners. They could be a family member, a friend or a neighbour. Each and every one of them has made huge sacrifices and they have more than gone the extra mile. Their incredible efforts know no bounds.

To this end, we should look to how we can thank our local frontliners in appropriate ways. In one small way, it was felt that a website dedicated to their incredible efforts would be a start.

So, allow me introduce you to my new website more formally. Say hello and “Thanks To Alfie” – or to give it its full title…….

Thanks To All Local Frontliners Incredible EffortsALFIE

As the website develops, it is hoped that people from all over the country will look to ways to honour their dedicated local frontliners. We already know that so many people in so many different parts of the country have done so many things to show their support of their own local frontliners.

Or to frontliners everywhere in fact and not just within their own locality. I think it’s fair to say that everyone will now have heard of Sir Tom Moore. Whether or not Sir Tom will be formally knighted by the powers that be remains to be seen. But in the eyes of the public, he will be Sir Tom come what may.

Sir Tom is not alone with his efforts. There have been so many other magnificent demonstrations of support. An incredible amount of unique, imaginative schemes and projects expertly delivered. These acts of support only go to show how much we value our local frontliners.

Thanks To Alfie – Ongoing Appreciation

As a sign of our appreciation to the NHS frontliners we do now have a regular Thursday night round of applause at 8pm.

At 8pm people stand outside their homes or place of work and applaud their appreciation for NHS frontliners. It is expected that this practice will continue until further notice.

We also had a minute’s silence for the frontliners who have tragically lost their lives to the virus. This tribute occurred on Tuesday 27th April.

We have included a tribute to the deceased here on our website. The link can be found HERE.

What Happens After Lockdown Ends?

But what happens when we are out of lockdown and further down the line, things start to return to some semblance of normality?

The problems faced by the NHS and other frontline charities and organisations have been well documented. But will these problems disappear when we are on course for better days ahead? No they won’t. Well certainly not immediately anyway.

This is why we will all need to still be aware of the challenges ahead for our local frontliners.  

It is hoped that on this “Thanks To Alfie” website we can recognise the valiant efforts made by our frontliners. Also, we get to give a mention to those that have gone the extra mile in supporting these frontliners.

Furthermore, we will get to highlight any actual fundraising events arranged and put some fundraising ideas out there for you to consider.

But who are our frontliners? Have a look at this page HERE to see who we need to be thanking.

Thanks To Alfie – we salute you all!!!

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