What Is A Frontliner-Thanks To Alfie

What Is A Frontliner

Much has been said over the last few weeks or so about our local frontliners. Or, to give them another name – key workers. But what is a frontliner? Read on for some more information to see who can be identified as a frontliner, or a key worker.

What Is A Frontliner?

What Is A Frontliner-Thanks To Alfie
What Is A Frontliner-Thanks To Alfie

In the business world a frontliner can be described as:

A “Frontliner” is a person who works on the front lines of a business operation. Normally, primarily in customer service roles. A “Frontliner” represents the face or voice of the business. They are the first to interact with customers and are expected to be ambassadors of the business”.

While we have this worldwide coronavirus pandemic raging around us we now also have frontliners working right at the forefront of this incredibly difficult and strange situation we find ourselves in.

So, in coronavirus speak, a frontliner can be identified as:

A key worker or frontline staff member are employees who provide an essential service or key public service. 

The term frontliner has been used in many recent government announcements as officials introduce increasingly more new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the UK. 

What Is A Frontliner? – The UK Government’s Definition

The UK Government has defined ‘key workers’ or frontliners as those who are critical to the response to Covid-19. Also, it extends to those delivering essential public services within the UK. For instance, those who are at the frontline of health and social care. This quite clearly would include nurses, doctors, care workers etc and so on.  

Key Workers And The Provisions Made For Their Children

As schools are now closed, the Government has announced that schools and nurseries should continue to make provisions to care for the children of key workers. Assuming that is, they cannot be looked after at home. This of course is another vital frontline service as this enables key workers, or frontliners, can continue to provide essential goods and frontline services to combat the pandemic. 

Taking this a stage further, schools and nurseries have been instructed to prioritise the children of key workers for schooling. 

Frontliners And UK Lockdown Rules

The term ‘key worker’ now also appears in the recently declared UK lockdown rules. This states that everyone across the UK must stay at home unless they need to get essential supplies, help the vulnerable or go outside for one form of exercise per day. From a work point of view, everyone who can work from home must do so. Also non-essential businesses and premises must close.

As a consequence of this and during this period of time, only key workers are permitted to leave their home for work. 

What Is A Frontliner Or Key Worker – Some Examples

There is an official list (click the link to see more details) of key workers. This has been published by The Department of Education. It goes on to outline the support and specialist staff who are crucial to the UK’s Covid-19 response. Currently the list includes, but isn’t limited to, the following critical sectors:

Frontliners Section

Health and Social Care: frontliners will include doctors, nurses, care home workers, midwives, paramedics and social workers. Also, all administration and ancillary staff who work in the NHS and social care.

Education and Childcare: for instance those who are involved in the Social Care Sector, teachers and specialist education professionals.

Key Public Services: This category includes niches such as journalists, those involved in working in the justice system, religious staff and charity staff. 

Local and National Government: as more and more claims are being made for Universal Credit, this section will include those working in the payment of benefits.

Food and Goods Provisions: workers in the food production and distribution supply chain. Also, those workers who are involved in the sales and delivery of food and other necessary provisions. In this we would include till checkout operatives and store staff etc.

Other necessary provisions will cover things such as the production, sales and delivery of hygiene and medical goods.

Public Safety and National Security: The Police will obviously fall under this category. As will Ministry of Defence (MOD) civilians, the armed forces, fire service employees, security, prison and probation staff.

Transport: Service providers such as those who work in the air, water, road and rail transport systems. Also, taxi drivers are included as they play an important role. Just to expand on road service providers. Courier drivers are included in this group.

Utilities, Communications and Key Financial Services: bank workers as they provide essential finance services. Telecommunications staff, oil, gas or electricity suppliers, postal and delivery services and waste disposal service providers. This section may well be added to in time.

I may well have missed a few. In time this page will be updated accordingly.

Do You Think You Are A Frontliner? 

By now you should have been clarified as a key worker by whoever engages your services. In doing so, they will have informed you that you are needed to continue going to work. 

However there may still be grey areas. So, if you are still unsure of whether or not you count as a key worker or not, it is important that you check with your employer if your role is necessary for the continuation of an essential public service.

As this is such a strange and unique situation we find ourselves in, the Government is continuing to review the situation. Also, they will provide further clarity on how to work safely if you are a key worker.

For example, construction workers have been told to continue working, but stay at least two meters apart. While plumbers and electricians have been told they are permitted to attend to emergencies in people’s homes during the current lockdown. 

To keep informed with the latest updates regarding the latest government guidance – click here

Thanks To All Local Frontliners Incredible Efforts (Alfie)

It is the intention that wherever we can we will give thanks to all our local frontliners. Or to be more precise, “All Local Frontliners Incredible Efforts.” Our Alfies in fact.

In a fundraising situation it is expected that whoever is behind the fundraising idea will be the ones to suggest who the intended recipients of any funds raised will be in their own community or region.

It is expected that in the main this will be the many charities who are, and who will continue to struggle financially, beyond the cessation of lockdown.

Thanks To Alfie’s Role

The role that “Thanks To Alfie” will play is to provide the platform where we can focus on our frontliners. And where people can find out more about their frontliners. Who gets a special mention, what fundraising ideas are out there and what actual fundraising events are coming up.

There will be a monitoring process of what will end up on the website. The exact monitoring process is still to be finalised, but suffice to say it will be policed.

It’s still early days of course. But as this is going to be a long term process it is hoped that “Thanks To Alfie” grows accordingly. It will clearly be a dynamic, ever evolving website. Hopefully one that will see people engage with and interact with.

In these early days there will be initial blog posts about events, mentions and ideas from and in and around the Chester area (where I live).

In time it is hoped that this will extend beyond Chester only.

Let’s make this work for our frontliners and give them the recognition they deserve.

Thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to bookmark the website and come back soon.

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