We'll Meet Again-VE Day-Stay At Home Parties-8th May 2020

We’ll Meet Again

At various times in our lives I’m sure most, if not all of us, have come across moments that have inspired us. In the sporting arena it may have been a half-time pep talk from your coach. Or, from your school days, seeing your parents in the audience during your annual school play. There are so many times we may have been inspired. Going back to World War II, wartime legend Dame Vera Lynn rallied the nation with her rendition of “We’ll Meet Again

We’ll Meet Again

So many of us were not around to witness Dame Vera’s uplifting version of “We’ll Meet Again.” Even so, to hear it during peace time was still so very inspiring. Fast forward to today and we are looking for ways to not only occupy ourselves during this scary pandemic crisis, but we are also looking for our own moments of inspiration. And to look for ways to pay our tributes to VE Day on 8th May.

We have had the heroics of Captain, Colonel, Sir Tom Moore. The way the country has rallied standing firm behind Captain, Colonel, Sir Tom’s memorable exploits has been remarkable in many ways.

Of course there have been so many others who have stepped forward with their efforts to rally us. I take my hat off to all of them.

Some inspirational moments have been coupled with fundraising requests, while others have been put together with the sole intention of giving us some of that feelgood factor.

Messages of hope if you like. Or a message of defiance. You know the sort of thing, the Great British bulldog fighting spirit. And haven’t they all been produced with so much thought. Not forgetting talent and dedication as well.

VE Day – 8th May

One such moment of inspirational brilliance hit the media recently. And it came from residents in our own city of Chester. This production is in recognition of VE Day coming up on 8th May as much as it being a rallying call for own present day dilemma.

Recognising that we are now in our very own war of a sort, the message is loud and clear. And inspirational.

This weekend is to be a weekend of remembering and celebrations. Street parties galore highlighted by a special VE Day concert at The Royal Albert Hall were the original celebratory plans. However, these plans have been replaced by ideas for “Stay At Home” parties. Get the bunting out and have your very own garden party, or cheeky barbecue.

Have a look at this below and have a good watch of the video and be truly inspired.

We’ll Meet Again – An Inspirational Message From Residents Of Cambrian Road Chester

We'll Meet Again-VE Day-Stay At Home Parties-8th May 2020
We’ll Meet Again-VE Day-Stay At Home Parties-8th May 2020

Like other great inspirational messages, this “We’ll Meet Again” performance also made the national media. Credit where credit is due, how good is this. How well thought out, produced, choreographed and performed.

Take a bow all those involved. A truly inspirational performance and one that will no doubt remain in the archives for many years and generations. Many years from now when our future generations look back on this era in history lessons, videos like this will still be played across the nation.

Enough of me talking about it. Instead let me show you the excellent, inspirational production below.

We’ll Meet Again – Presented By Residents Of Cambrian Road Chester

It is important to point out the following:

This video was devised, rehearsed, choreographed and filmed entirely by the residents of one small street. Namely, Cambrian Road in Chester.”

We’ll Meet Again Video

Here’s the link to the excellent Cambrian Road production – “We’ll Meet Again.” Enjoy it one and all and don’t forget to hit that “Like” button.

Just to confirm, it is “a socially distanced production to celebrate the coming together of communities to support each other in times both past and present.”

Thanks for reading and on behalf of the residents of Cambrian Road, Chester, thanks for watching the video.

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    • Pat
    • May 7, 2020

    A fantastic spread on a fantastic batch of local residents, giving a first class performance. Who would love to be a resident of Cambrian Road, Chester? Absolutely breathtaking …

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