We Remember-The Special People Who Made A Difference

We Remember

As we all know this pandemic virus is devastating on so many fronts. It has brought businesses to a halt and ensured that we all stay indoors – apart for essential sporadic trips outdoors – for our own, and other people’s safety. The ultimate price paid of course is the tragic loss of life. In this category we will ensure that all the brave frontliners who have tragically passed away fighting the pandemic will not be forgotten. “We Remember” will be added to in due course with more details.

We Remember

We Remember The Gift Our Frontliners Have Given Us
We Remember The Gift Our Frontliners Have Given Us

For now, this post will acknowledge the debt of gratitude we owe to our frontliners. As the image above says, we have received the greatest gift from our frontliners. Let’s give them a gift back and remember them.

We remember them now and we will remember them forever. While this website is still live and in the public domain, this message will always be there.

As the website develops and time passes by, this section will be updated accordingly. It is important that we remember. It is the very least we can do. And, of course, going forward over the years it is important that this “we remember” message resonates with a strong feeling of love and emotion.

We Remember – A Day Dedicated To Alfie?

A way in which we can do this is to dedicate a day in the year to Alfie. This day could be a national day, or each region could have their very own significant “we remember” date.

The “we remember” message of course will be in recognition of all our brave frontliners. Those still with us and those who sadly lost their lives.

As I write this I am conscious of today’s date. Today, the 1st May, is my late father’s birthday. He passed away many years ago, but he is still remembered and still so missed.

So, it is a very significant day for myself and my two sisters. It is my intention to launch my website on this significant day. From my perspective this date will have an added meaning.

When I launch it later today, it will not be the launch of a perfect website. Far from it. As someone self taught in developing websites, it may contain some ‘teccy’ issues and in terms of content, it is still very much a work in progress. But hopefully it will herald the launch of a powerful message. A message we remember ad infinitum.

My suggestion therefore would be to recognise 1st May as National Alfie Day. And if anyone in power is reading this, have a look at recognising the sacrifices made by our frontliners and announcing an added Bank Holiday in tribute.

The first weekend when the Mayday Bank Holiday is celebrated maybe? Add an extra day on when we remember our frontliners?

Just a thought to put out there.

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