Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts-Sunday Roast Cooked, Plated and Delivered

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts

During this pandemic lockdown we have heard about so many selfless acts of generosity and support provided by some organisations and individuals. One such example has been offered by Jeff Moore from Boughton in Chester. On behalf of all those fortunate enough to have enjoyed your great meals service, may I say thanks Jeff for your great efforts.

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts

To show appreciation of Jeff’s incredible efforts, some of Jeff’s meal recipients showed their thanks by giving Jeff a well deserved gift.

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts
Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts

So what exactly did Jeff do to earn these gifts? Over the last 13 or 14 weeks Jeff has provided a meals service for people in the Chester area. Jeff announced his intentions on the Next Door Neighbourhood forum some three months or so ago.

For anyone over the age of 65 who was self isolating, Jeff was taking orders for Sunday lunches. And not just taking orders of course. He cooked, plated and delivered these Sunday lunches to self isolating locals over the age of 65 for FREE!!! Yes, you heard that right. Jeff provided this amazing service for free to the over 65’s.

He did also provide the Sunday lunch service to under 65’s but they had to pay. For £5, you could enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast – like the one in the photo below – for £5. Or, for free if you were over 65!!! Truly amazing.

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts-Sunday Roast Cooked, Plated and Delivered
Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts-Sunday Roast Cooked, Plated and Delivered

Jeff didn’t just stop at Sunday lunches though. No siree!!! He also provided a Wednesday night curry service. Again, cooked, plated and delivered. All for the modest fee of £6 per meal.

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts – Apron Now Hung Up

Unfortunately, Jeff had to call it a day on his food service last Sunday (21st June). Due to his own ill health, Jeff reluctantly hung his apron up after his last meal on Sunday. In all, Jeff cooked and delivered somewhere in the region of 1,200 Sunday lunches. That is incredible.

I remember reading his first post in Next Door Neighbourhood announcing his service. And I thought then, how incredible it was. To say the service was over and above the call of duty is an understatement. And following his posts along the way, Jeff did it with the minimum of fuss or fanfare.

It is little wonder that Jeff’s customers thanked him with gifts. It is the very least he deserves. A glass of wine here and there along with a few Thornton chocolates will help Jeff enjoy the much deserved recognition.

Really speaking, there are some who feel Jeff should be thanked in a more public way. His massive contribution has been recognised on my sister website, Chester Lifestyle, in this post HERE, but I’m not sure if there has been any other mentions elsewhere.

Maybe there should be. I know Jeff isn’t looking for such recognition himself though. That’s not why he provided his incredible service. So more than likely the gratitude of his customers is enough for him. Whether that gratitude be expressed in the way of a box of Maltesers or a simple, heartfelt “thank you,” Jeff knows his efforts have been appreciated and worthwhile.

So again, on behalf of everyone else, may I say thanks Jeff for your great efforts. You’re a star.

Thanks for visiting my Thanks To Alfie website and thanks for reading my thanks Jeff blog post. Much appreciated. Stay safe everyone.

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    • Pat
    • June 23, 2020

    What a lovely article. More importantly, what a wonderful gentleman is Jeff Moore who has provided an excellent service and treat to so many in these pandemic lockdown days.
    Thank you for providing thanks on behalf of the many Chester residents who thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from all Jeff very kindly provided.

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