Frontline Workers

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts-Sunday Roast Cooked, Plated and Delivered

Thanks Jeff For Your Great Efforts

During this pandemic lockdown we have heard about so many selfless acts of generosity and support provided by some organisations and individuals. One such example has been offered by Jeff Moore from Boughton in Chester. On behalf of all those fortunate enough to have enjoyed your great meals service, may I say thanks Jeff for […]

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Local Care Homes PPE-Thanks To The NHS

Local Care Homes PPE Supplies

There is a local forum called Next Door Neighbourhood where there are quite a few noteworthy offers of assistance and support to the cause. One of the posters that stands out is Lilian. Lilian voluntarily provides PPE equipment for local care homes and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. Like most of those special people […]

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Entertainment Ideas-Casino Night On The Lady Diana Maybe

Entertainment Ideas

Just like with the sporting events ideas, there are plenty of fundraising ideas that spring to mind. Again, you are limited only by your own imagination. To start the ball rolling and to tap into those creative juices, I’ll discuss a few fundraising entertainment ideas here. No doubt you will be able to come up […]

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