Sporting Events To Support Our Frontliners

Sporting Events

I think it’s fair to say that as far as fundraising ideas go, we are only restricted by our own imaginations. For instance there are quite a few sporting events that spring to mind. More on some of these below.

Before we get on to these sporting events ideas let’s take some time in recognising an incredible fundraising idea recently put in action. I am of course referring to the sterling efforts by the sprightly 99 year-old superstar, Tom Moore. Or should that be Sir Tom? I think so. As do so many others.

Whether Sir Tom gets the recognition he so richly deserves by the authorities or not, everyone in the country will refer to him as Sir Tom anyway. So, Sir Tom it is. Stop messing about HRH, polish up that sword and get knighting!!!

But anyway, on a more local front, there will no doubt be many fundraising ideas springing up. Let’s consider sports first. As you will already know, sports are huge in the UK. And huge of course in Chester. So, what sporting events spring to mind?

Sporting Events

We are blessed in this city in that we have a football stadium, a racecourse and a rugby club. Not only that. We are the world leaders when it comes to a bagatelle league.

Darts, pool, hockey, boxing, swimming…..the list goes on. Surely we can think up some worthy sporting events out of all that lot!!!

Sporting Events – A Footie Match Anyone?

Here’s one straight off the top of my head. As I said above, we have a football club who play in a tidy stadium down Bumpers Lane. So what about a charity footie match? Not a particularly novel idea, but one that could be relatively simple to start the ball rolling (do you gerrit…..start the ball rolling. Good that, innit!!!) in terms of at least seeing if it could be a goer.

For instance what about a charity match involving well known Chester born ex-footballers. Something like a Michael Owen Select XI v a Danny Murphy Select XI?

I’m sure those two ex-England internationals know a player or two. If they don’t, I’ll play!!! I’m sure I could dig out the last pair of footie boots I bought. My favourite Barnes Stormers boots. So named after another ex-England international – John Barnes. The left boot is a bit knackered but the right one is like brand new (NB: those that know me will know the significance of that!!!).

If those two are not able to get involved, then what about Digger himself? He used to live in Saughall didn’t he? Maybe he still does.

There are other Chester born footballers and ex-footballers. Like my younger ‘brother’, Simon Hunt. To see how many there are, have a look at this “Famous People From Chester” page on my sister website, Chester Lifestyle.

Sporting Events – Still With Footie In Mind

Hopefully something like this could happen. But even if it does or doesn’t you could arrange something at a more local player level still with a footie theme. What about a local penalty prize competition?

Local players of all ages could take part. In fact the competition could be sub-divided into age groups. If there was an age group for “50 years and 120 months PLUS” group, then my Barnes Stormers are definitely getting an airing.

Ask a professional goalie (or goalies) to take part, approach Chester FC to use their ground and job’s a good ‘un. Actually you could use a variety of venues. It doesn’t all need to be played out at The Deva Stadium. Maybe the final could be there.

Fundraising could be achieved by either the players being sponsored for each penalty they score, or the penalty takers would pay a nominal fee to take part. Or a combination of both.

You can see where this may lead can’t you. Why just stop at a local Chester level? It could become a local, regional, national event. With the national final at Wembley!!! If that happened I might even polish my Barnes Stormers!!!

Why, it could even be on TV!!!

Joking aside though, you can see how something relatively simple could be put together and snowballed from there. And just to re-iterate, all the proceeds would go to the “Thanks To Alfie” pot.

So, a “Thanks To Alfie Penalty Prize” competition anyone?

Sporting Events – And They’re Off

Sporting Events To Support Our Frontliners
Sporting Events To Support Our Frontliners

No I’m not talking about footie still, so I’m not referring to any red cards. I am, of course, referring to horse racing. We do have a world renowned racecourse here smack in the middle of our city centre don’t we.

What about having one of the race meetings dedicated to a “Thanks To Alfie” cause? Or, if one of the existing meetings is not possible, any chance of adding an extra date specifically? Gate receipts, sponsored races, percentage of bookies takings, sweepstakes etc could be fundraising ideas.

Sporting Events – The Ball’s Coming In Now

I used to play rugby in school only. They used to say “the ball’s coming in now” when the ball was put into the scrum. Do they still say that? Not sure. Maybe my pal Dave, chairman of the Chester Rugby Club could enlighten me.

Also, he may be able to enlighten me about any “Thanks To Alfie” rugby suggestions there may be. One of the attractions of using the Hare Lane venue is that there is an excellent function room facility available. As there is with Chester FC’s stadium. So knock on opportunities, or standalone function room events abound.

Other sporting events to consider? As I say, any fundraising ideas are only limited by imaginations only.

There are plenty more I could suggest. And I’m sure many of you out there will have some corkers. Suffice it to say the above gets things moving in as far as scanning the old grey matter is concerned.

Right over to you folks. What other sporting events can you come up with?

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