Shopping With Alfie-A Work In Progress

Shopping With Alfie

You may have seen some adverts on the blog posts and pages for products that you could buy from the website. The opportunity to go shopping with Alfie. The website is still very much a work in progress as I’ve already said. But as it progresses and hopefully the concept grows there are ideas to generate funds for the frontliners pot actually from the website itself.

Shopping With Alfie

Shopping With Alfie-A Work In Progress
Shopping With Alfie-A Work In Progress

It may, or may not happen, but if the website and the concept takes off then what’s to say we don’t make “Thanks To Alfie” merchandise available?

You know the sort of thing. Maybe t-shirts, mugs, key fobs. CD’s from live music events? A whole range of “Thanks To Alfie” branded items. All ways to increase the fighting fund pot for frontliners. The same could be said for affiliate commissions earned from any affiliate products bought from the website. Contributions from the commissions earned to be added to the pot.

Only a thought at the moment, but a definite consideration to have a closer look at if the brand expands.

It is felt that shopping with Alfie would help in so many ways without too much hassle for recipients. It is well recognised how so many frontline charities for instance are having to go to the public asking for donations. Wouldn’t it be great if much of that hassle could be taken away from them.

At this stage it’s not really worth going into too much detail. Suffice it to say it is a consideration to possibly move forward with.

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What Is Thanks To Alfie About?

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Please Note

Thanks To Alfie earns commissions from Amazon for any qualifying purchases made from this website

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