Local Care Homes PPE-Thanks To The NHS

Local Care Homes PPE Supplies

There is a local forum called Next Door Neighbourhood where there are quite a few noteworthy offers of assistance and support to the cause. One of the posters that stands out is Lilian. Lilian voluntarily provides PPE equipment for local care homes and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Like most of those special people that are making a difference, Lilian has a story to tell. Here’s what she has sent me to share with you.

Local Care Homes PPE Supplier – Lilian

Firstly, a big thank you to Lilian for the outstanding work she does. I’m sure if the local care homes were writing this, they would echo my sentiments.

Local Care Homes PPE-Thanks To Lilian And Team
Local Care Homes PPE-Thanks To Lilian And Team

Let’s hear it from Lilian…..

“I started making PPE for the site For the Love of Scrubs, but it seemed overwhelmed with volunteers.

So instead, I decided that my local care homes & the local “Hospice of the Good Shepherd” may also be in need PPE. Preferably, PPE made by people who lived nearby.

A logical reason for the locality was a question of logistics. Let Lilian continue,

It made it easier for pick up & delivery. Also I had been contacted by ‘HOGS ‘ asking about the possibility of making scrubs should the need arise.

I contacted Orchard Manor and told them what I was intending to do. They were over the moon. So I put a call out on Facebook and Next Door Neighbourhood forum and got so many offers of help it was amazing.

So, as a consequence, we’ve been cutting and sewing like crazy! We are hoping to get our first batch of Scrubs off to Orchard Manor this week.

Local Care Homes Lack Of Government Support

Being political here, the Government should have moved quicker. They should apologise and acknowledge the role members of the public have made in providing the necessary PPE equipment. They have let the NHS and the local care homes down. The local care homes staff for instance have been left to fend for themselves in the main. That is shameful!!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel valued making these scrubs as I’ve been out of work for a long time. I am a costume designer and costume maker. However, as I’ve been ill with spinal nerve damage & arthritic hands, I am not able to do as many hours sewing as I’d like.

But really speaking, this is the work that could have been given to the factories that offered to make PPE in the first instance! Thus keeping a few companies in business and providing staff a wage!

Recognising Cottage Industries

Unfortunately NOT once have I heard Boris nor anyone else from the Government offer their “thanks” to the armies of cottage industries springing up all over country. Small armies like ourselves.

I personally would like to thank all the local ladies who have come forward to help in making these scrubs. They are without doubt stars. Also throughout this hard time I’ve now met at a ‘safe distance’ some lovely kind people. It is hoped that after all this we can all meet up and have a HUGE G&T! Hopefully Boris will get the round in!!!

Lilian And Team Going The Extra Mile

There you go. Another example of someone going the extra mile. And more. It is because of the Lilian’s of this world that even more lives have been saved in addition to those saved by our brilliant NHS.

I’m sure Lilian will also give a big thanks to all those who have also volunteered.

Thanks Lilian and team. Hope each and every one of you stay safe and in due course get the recognition you so richly deserve.

Lilian is one of several volunteers going the extra mile and beyond. As recognised here in this post on my Chester Lifestyle website.

If you have any spare materials to contribute to Lilian, or you would like to volunteer your services, you can contact her by emailing this address at  lilianc@sky.com – many thanks.

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