Great Efforts-68 Sunday Roasts-Prepared and Delivered

Great Efforts One And All

Here’s just a few details of the great efforts made by the people of Chester in supporting our frontliners and those that in need of assistance. They are really making a difference. No doubt there are many more not included here. Drop me a line on our contact page and I will add more of the great efforts and contributions.

Great Efforts One And All

And undoubtedly, more and more great efforts will be carried out. So, this category will be added to again over time. Keep the details coming folks. And, of course, carry out with all of your great efforts.

Let’s have a look at some of the contributions made so far.

Take A Bow

I don’t know if you are aware but there is a local forum called Next Door Neighbourhood. It’s a local forum where local residents post about a variety of topics.

During this particular climate there have been a few contributions whereby members have been offering their services to aid the frontliners in their fight against the killer virus.

I’ll mention a few that I’m aware of here.

Buttons Wanted For NHS Staff

Firstly, we have a lady by the name of Anne Ashman. Anne requested for any spare buttons so that she could continue her quest to make as many headbands for NHS staff as she could.

Here’s is what she said:

“The request was for an army of helpers to assist with high demand for headbands to assist our amazing front line NHS and care workers. These bands relieve the pressure, face masks put on the users ears when wearing them for a lengthy period of time.

Donations of T-shirt or stretchy material along with buttons was requested, fabric has been easier to source though any further donations will always be gratefully received.

But buttons have been harder to source. The buttons can be any type.

Plastic or wooden are best and ideal size is around 23 – 25mm across.

We have donated a further 80 bands to Countess A&E today but we have requests from the Maternity dept that we would like to fulfil with the help of donations and even send to hospitals further afield, Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park.”

You can see an article on this request on the Chester Lifestyle website HERE. The link will provide Anne’s contact details if you happen to have any spare buttons yourselves.

Sunday Lunches

Great Efforts-68 Sunday Roasts-Prepared and Delivered
Great Efforts-68 Sunday Roasts-Prepared and Delivered

How’s this for a some real great efforts. Another member of the forum, Jeffrey Moore, has been offering to make Sunday lunches for fellow members of the group over the age of 65 who happen to be self isolating.

Furthermore, he will prepare a Sunday lunch for anyone else who is self isolating for £5. An incredible effort indeed.

Today for example, Jeffrey has cooked and delivered 68 Sunday roasts. All for free. Truly amazing. You can see the link to Jeffrey’s Sunday roasts announcement in the forum HERE.

Other Great Efforts

Also in the same group we have messages of giving away DVD movies for others to watch.

People making scrub caps and bags for the NHS frontline workers as well. The link to this suggestion is HERE. So, if you have materials available like duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets then get in touch with the lady in the link.

Jeffrey also offers a Curry night for Wednesdays.

In fact there are offers and suggestions popping up on a regular basis. Where possible I will get to post as many as I can on here. Or alternatively you can head on over to the forum and check for yourself. The link is HERE.

Great Efforts In Times Of Crisis

It just goes to show, you will find so much good in so many people in times of crisis. So many great efforts throughout the country. A real sign of camaraderie and togetherness.

And, as I say, it is worth giving these people a mention. Not only to recognise the great efforts they are making but also so you can find out the details of what has been suggested or on offer. As it happens some of the suggestions may be of interest to you.

I must admit, I keep having a look at Jeffrey’s curry and Sunday lunch offers. One day, I might just try one.

These fantastic efforts have also been recognised in this post HERE.

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