Entertainment Ideas-Casino Night On The Lady Diana Maybe

Entertainment Ideas

Just like with the sporting events ideas, there are plenty of fundraising ideas that spring to mind. Again, you are limited only by your own imagination. To start the ball rolling and to tap into those creative juices, I’ll discuss a few fundraising entertainment ideas here. No doubt you will be able to come up with a fair few of your own.

Entertainment Ideas

I’ve already mentioned in the sporting events fundraising ideas – link can be found HERE – that we have a world famous racecourse.

Stating the obvious, it is used for horse racing events on a regular basis throughout the summer. But what about the rest of the year? Or what about the summer weekends when racing is not on the menu?

I can just see it now. A “Thanks To Alfie” music concert. Proceeds of which to be donated to our very own, local frontliners.

CD’s could be produced and sold. Online music streaming as well (not sure how that would work exactly, but I’m sure a more teccy person than me would know).

Memorabilia merchandising on the night(s) of the concerts as well. T-shirts, programmes, baseball caps and so much more spring to mind. In fact thinking about it, it could be turned into an annual event.

I keep stressing this, we can’t let our frontliners disappear from our memories after this nightmare is over. To so many of the frontliners charities the hard work and their very own nightmares will continue way beyond and well into the future.

I can picture some of those charities now. We can’t let them down.

Entertainment Ideas – What Else?

Here’s one that is worth a shout methinks. What about a record? I know some have already been done. But why is that? Because the idea works. People like music and people pay to download songs from Spotify and buy CD’s anyway.

So why not produce a record? Without going too much into it, I already have an idea in place mushing around in my head. I need to speak to a musician friend of mine to sound him out (great pun or what!!!).

What other entertainment ideas spring to mind?

Entertainment Ideas-Casino Night On The Lady Diana Maybe
Entertainment Ideas-Casino Night On The Lady Diana Maybe

We often have a music festival in Brook Street. It always goes down well. So, again the idea works. Would there be place for a “Thanks To Alfie” additional event during the year? Not necessarily Brook Street as a venue. But as a general concept? In the park maybe? Or maybe in Hoole?

We have The Storyhouse, Live Rooms, Telfords, The Saddle to name a few venues. Or maybe something a bit more formal – say, one of the bigger hotels?

I’m not sure what the new owners of The Mill Hotel are like but I reckon Gordon Vickers would have been into something like this.

A casino night on the Lady Di boat? An event similar to the Raft Race?

A “Chester’s Got Talent” competition. Get the schools involved in that. If the young ‘un’s are getting involved in ideas. Why not our pets? A “Thanks To Alfie” version of Crufts?

As I say, entertainment ideas are plenty. The above is not exhaustive. Just some thoughts that popped into my head.

Overall, I think you will get the gist by now.

So let’s move on. How can businesses help? Bear in mind many, if not all local businesses will be well feeling the pinch themselves. How can we look to kill two birds with one stone possibly?

Have a look at this post HERE. I thought this would be better in it’s own category. See what you think. Just an idea as I say. Others will pop up no doubt.

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