Colonel Tom Moore-Image Credit Emma Sohl-EPA

Colonel Tom Moore

You couldn’t have a post in the “Making A Difference” category without mentioning the legend that is Colonel Tom Moore. Until a few days ago, he was Captain Tom Moore. But because of the contributions to the cause he has made, his status is now one of Colonel Tom Moore.

Colonel Tom Moore

Colonel Tom Moore-Image Credit Emma Sohl-EPA
Colonel Tom Moore-Image Credit Emma Sohl-EPA

So who is Colonel Tom Moore? Up until a few weeks ago he could have been described as a humble, retired, 99 year-old ex-military man. As well as all those things though, he is a lively 99 year-old. And, very importantly, he has a big heart.

There are many who are many years younger than Colonel Tom who have not, or would not, think about any fundraising ideas for our NHS. Not so with Captain Tom – as he was at the time.

Captain Tom Moore’s Idea

He had an idea where he thought he would try and raise a £100 for the NHS by doing something out of the ordinary. At the age of 99 and having already ‘done his bit’ during his spell in the military, you wouldn’t have been surprised if Tom stayed at home and watched it all unfold.

That’s not Tom though. As a thank you to the NHS for all the great service they had provided him and everybody else, he decided he would embark on his own fundraising efforts.

He decided that at the age of 99 he would walk around the perimeter of his house 100 times before his 100th birthday. A milestone birthday that was celebrated yesterday – 30th April. A belated Happy Birthday Tom from “Thanks To Alfie

Tom’s Target

Initially his aim was to raise a £100. This was ambitiously increased to £1,000. Whatever amount could be achieved would be a fantastic effort anyway. The mere fact he was prepared to do something spoke volumes in itself.

It was felt that such an attempt would be a worthwhile story for his local newspaper. So, his daughter prepared a press release to announce her father’s mission in waiting. That was on 7th April. That is 7th April 2020 by the way. Not 7th April in years gone by.

The reason I stress the year is because it is hard to comprehend that the 7th April was just over three weeks ago. Achieving a target of £100 or £1,000 in just over three weeks would have been warmly received and acknowledged.

But Colonel Tom did a bit better than his original targets. Just a smidgin better. Yea, right!!! A smidgin. Try, completely blew it out of the water.

How does a figure of £32m sound? Yes, you read that right. Thirty Two Million…….Pounds!!!! And counting.

Colonel Tom Moore Recognition

As the nation soon became more aware of Tom’s efforts, his exploits reached another level. It seemed the whole nation were now not only aware of Tom, but they were also actively supporting him and his fundraising cause.

To say raising £32m is an incredible achievement is an understatement. The public were now also clamouring for the Government to recognise Tom’s success. Many said he should be knighted. They are still saying it now.

The award bestowed upon him though has been that of Colonel Tom. Will a knighthood follow? Why not? And while we’re at it, what about bestowing upon him the Freedom Of The City title. What city though? Any city you fancy Tom.

Thanks To Alfie would like to take this opportunity in saying thanks to Tom and pay tribute to his achievements.

Well done Colonel Tom. Congratulations. You’re a star!!!

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