Business Contributions-Thanks To Alfie

Business Contributions

Thinking about it, this post could be categorised under either fundraising ideas or making a difference. Or both. Again, just going into think mode, business contributions can be considered in a variety of ways.

Before I go into too much detail, let me just elaborate what I mean by business contributions. To be more precise, I’m thinking about business contributions either directly to our local frontliners. Or, maybe the business contributions could come in the shape of businesses sponsoring fundraising events. I’ll pop in a few ideas along the way, so bear with me.

Business Contributions

Business Contributions-Thanks To Alfie
Business Contributions-Thanks To Alfie

Consider this as an example. A local, beauty salon offers a frontliner promotion for, say, a manicure. Or a quick ‘buff up’ (a ‘buff up’ – you can tell I’ve never been to a beauty salon). Whatever it’s called, you get the drift. Oh, hang on, I’ve got it. A massage. Anything really. Whatever their services are.

A 10% off, or whatever percentage they are comfortable with could be offered to whichever frontliner they wish to reward. It could be NHS staff. Or, it may be care home workers. Again, I’m sure you get the idea.

Like all suggestions they are merely me emptying my head. Do you hear that clunking noise? That’s me emptying my head.

Here’s another.

Business Contributions – Chester’s Very Own GABO

Right, pause reading here. A bit of homework. Go and put the kettle on, make a brew and have a ponder to see if you can work out what GABO means.

Go on, put the kettle on. And while you’re at it, grab yourself a biccie…….or two!! Oh go on, get one for me as well!!

Right, got it yet? No, OK I’ll fill you in. I’ve never seen the programme but I believe there is a popular baking competition on the telly called the “Great British Bake Off” isn’t there.

There is, good. Then here you go, what about GABO. The “Great Alfie Bake Off

Or you could rename it something else. Someone with a more creative mind than me will be able to come up with something more appropriate.

It could be sponsored by one of the larger local businesses for instance. It doesn’t have to be one of the bigger ones necessarily, but it may be best suited to be so.

Business Contributions – What About The Empty Stores?

Here’s an idea. Like so many towns and cities, Chester has quite a few empty retail premises unfortunately. Quite a few are relatively small so may not have as much flexibility as larger premises.

Let’s use an example. The old British Home Stores in Foregate Street has been empty for some time now. What is it, about three years? Not ideal for a popular tourist attraction.

Until such time the premises are fully occupied on a permanent basis, then could the store be used for something like a weekend niche market? Or whatever period you like. Say something like a week comic convention? Comics and other related memorabilia is very popular. Could BHS be the venue for a week long comic convention? Stalls offering comics and other memorabilia, short video movies, snacks and drinks etc.

The income generated, or a percentage of, could be added to the Alfie pot. Again, just a suggestion.

In the same property so many other ideas could be nurtured. A beer festival maybe? And so on.

Other good sized buildings? The old Against The Grain in Hoole. An ideal spot for the motorways, the railway station and it has car parking. Ideal.

Thanks To Alfie Memorabilia

Any promotions businesses out there reading this? If so, how about a range of memorabilia products with the Thanks To Alfie logo? T-shirts, mugs, key rings, sports bags. You name it.

I’m on a roll now!!!!!

And “me ‘ead’s” rattling now!! I’ll park these other ideas for now. I think you get what I’m saying though. And bear in mind, I’m only talking about Chester. I’m sure there are similar opportunities and other ideas from virtually every town or city in the UK.

Get thinking folks!!!

Business Contributions – Who Benefits?

Which frontliners would benefit from business contributions? Well that would be down to the business themselves. Whatever promotion, idea or event they would like to suggest would be targeted to whatever frontliners they would like to reward.

Again as an example, a spa salon may offer a discount scheme to NHS workers? Or a local chippy may have a special curry night for Aldi workers. Local chippy emails a code to Aldi that can be distributed to their staff. The chippy could set up an app. So, orders with the coupon code could be submitted via the app.

Any chippies need an app? I’ve got you covered.

What About The Businesses Themselves?

As I’ve said it is still early days for this idea and this website. So, there is still a lot in the melting pot. But, the business contributions angle could be extended in a way that the businesses themselves may benefit.

More specifically I have an idea buzzing around in “me ‘ead” as we speak. In addition to owning the Thanks To Alfie brand, I also have acquired a few other extensions. For instance, .net is there waiting to be developed.

So, here’s an idea. For those businesses that make a contribution, what about a free, basic listing for that business on a directory website built on the .net version.

How long would it take for potential customers and clients to visit .net first to search for product and service providers? I wouldn’t be surprised if customers gave preference to those businesses that have made a contribution to our frontliners. Maybe, maybe not.

Looking for a new kitchen in Chester? Then why not have a look on first.

The thing is though this option looks to give something back to the businesses as well.

It is well understood that it will be a tough road back for everyone after we exit lockdown. Let’s see what we can do and how we can help each other.

Fundraising Ideas

As well as business contributions ideas, there’s an article on the website regarding fundraising ideas. You can see the article HERE.

What Is Thanks To Alfie About?

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